• Get reading. Start talking. Stay laughing. Keep human.
  • Welcome to Keep Human Books, an exciting new range of books for those of you who haven’t lost sight of what it means to be human.
  • They may make you laugh. They may make you cry. One thing’s for sure. Few books offer darkness and light and hope and despair in such equal measures.
  • So watch this space for latest Keep Human Books alerts and updates.
  • Keep Human Books is a Yorkshire-based micro-publisher showcasing the books of author and journalist Mark Stillman, starting with his debut novel STALKER, BUNNY, SAUCEPAN.


  • A desperate storm-lashed, torch-lit procession in search of a four-year-old
    tree-hugging girl; a suppressed Government report; an outlandish countryside jaunt in a convertible vintage car. How are these three events linked? One character develops supernatural powers. But are they a gift or a curse?
  • And why could mankind’s salvation be found through cuddling and common spiritual empathy rather than blind faith in an ever-more technological world; a world that has brought an unnoticed, unlamented total breakdown in human communications? 
  • STALKER, BUNNY, SAUCEPAN answers all these questions and more. It’s a disturbing, hilarious psychological thriller and dark comedy about fatal attraction and pathetic, weak men whose libido overrules their sense of reason, especially if there’s fetish sex to be had. (Oh, and there’s also quite probably British literature’s rudest game of Scrabble and first-ever heroine who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis).
  • The book encourages us to start asking whether our blind, unquestioning abdication of power to computers and robots – whose coldness is eerily only matched by most world leaders – is really such a wise idea. Locations include Bolton’s Bench (the New Forest), Egremont Crab Fair (the Lake District), Dunstable Downs, Harlington village and Leagrave (all Bedfordshire) and Hemel Hempstead Old Town.
  • STALKER, BUNNY, SAUCEPAN … because some people never understand nor accept the words: ‘It’s over.’


  • Once upon a time, Mark Stillman was a very naughty tabloid newspaper journalist. For over 25 years he was a boil on the bum of national and local governments and those who abused their authority.
  • Nowadays he is far better behaved. But old habits die hard. He still suffers the occasionally lapse towards the maverick. This means pointing out the dangerous road down which we are all heading and the need to keep human – no matter where technology may lead us.
  • Stillman’s new books may not change the world. But if they open one eye and/or make one person laugh at the absurdity of modern life then they will have served their purpose.
  • Keep Human Books’ sole proprietor Stillman is also a one-time Edinburgh Festival performer as the self-styled “Bedfordshire’s Premier Topless Stand-Up Comedian”. His interests include cricket, Scrabble, Brentford Football Club and crazy golf.
  • Future projects include memoirs of a failed stand-up comediana unique cricket project and morquirky short stories.
  • Are you an old fart who feels that things take 10 times longer nowadays because you’re hopelessly equipped for today’s technological age?
  • Do you have teenage children who don’t live in the real world?
  • Do you laugh at men who place their libido before their sense of reason – especially if there’s fetish sex to be had?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?
  • Is drink really the answer?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions then you need the therapy, catharsis and comfort that only the pages of STALKER, BUNNY, SAUCEPAN can offer.